Saturday, July 2, 2016

Foreign Politicians to Trump: Stop 'begging' for money

Call it 'Trexit.'
Members of the British Parliament and other foreign politicians want off Donald Trump's email list, and are seeking to block the presidential candidate from asking them for campaign donations.
"Please stop sending begging letters to MPs," tweeted Stuart McDonald, a member of the British Parliament. "It's pathetic."
A pair of watchdog groups notes that the practice is not just annoying, it's illegal.
"Donald Trump should have known better," said Paul S. Ryan of the Campaign Legal Center, which with Democracy 21 is filing a complaint to the Federal Election Commission.
It's true that federal election law is designed to keep foreign cash out of U.S. political campaigns. It's also true that Trump is revving up a fundraising operation after federal reports showed he raised about a tenth of what Democrat Hillary Clinton has raised during the most recent reporting period.
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Anonymous said...

Con man doesn't know what he's doing. No surprise.

This campaign is on the rocks and headed for the cliff.


cimbri said...

I'm sure Trump directed one of the marketing firms to directly target foreign politicians. Another head shaker from the TDS crowd.