Monday, July 18, 2016

For Trump, it's About America's Ego _ and HIS OWN

Donald Trump was angry: A reporter had the gall to suggest that ego was behind his purchase of New York's famed Plaza Hotel.
When he thought about it, though, he decided it was true — and admitted as much in a big, big way.
"Almost every deal I have ever done has been at least partly for my ego," the billionaire declared in a 1995 New York Times piece titled, "What My Ego Wants, My Ego Gets."
Flash forward two decades, and what 70-year-old Donald John Trump wants is the presidency. To understand why, consider the billionaire's ego not just as mere mortals might see it (an outsized allotment of conceit) but also as Trump himself understands it (an extraordinary drive for excitement, glamour and style that produces extraordinary success.)
As Trump once put it: "People need ego; whole nations need ego."
The race for the White House, then, may be Trump's ultimate ego trip, guided by the same instincts he's relied on in a lifetime of audacious self-promotion, ambition and risk-taking.
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