Friday, July 15, 2016

FEMALE VOTE: Hillary is Playing the Woman's Card and Trump is Helping Her

As the Democratic National Convention prepares to make history by nominating a woman for president, women in national polls are giving Clinton the highest level of female support of any candidate in more than four decades and the widest gender gap ever recorded. Clinton's lead of a yawning 24 percentage points in the latest Pew Research Center Poll — not only among Democratic partisans but also from women who typically vote Republican — is an electoral challenge for the GOP that imperils Trump's ability to win the White House.
In interviews with women across the country by the USA TODAY Network, some supporters are elated by the prospect of shattering what Clinton has called "the final, hardest glass ceiling," electing the first female president. "It's about time," says Stephanie Parra, 31, an education consultant in Phoenix. The Latina says Clinton is "breaking barriers for us."
But other women are driven less by support for Clinton than by antipathy to Trump. That's particularly true among Millennials, voters 35 and younger who were part of the Obama coalition but haven't warmed to Clinton, at least not yet. While seven in 10 younger women support Clinton, they say by more than 2-1 that their choice is more a vote against him than for her.
Lauren Rolwing, 32, an illustrator from Nashville who was interviewed at a downtown pet-shop-turned-coffeehouse called Fido, is still sporting her Bernie Sanders campaign button though she acknowledges he's not going to be the Democratic nominee. She's undecided between voting for Clinton or a third-party candidate.
"At this time, I'm not going to take anything off the table other than voting for Trump," she says. "That's off the table."
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