Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Did anyone Hear Trump comment about This?

Photo: vadim savitsky/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
... Did anyone see this covered on Fox News (The Trump Network)?. I sure as hell didn't.

Yeah, we don't want to force the Donald into a corner, now do we? He might have to say something negative about his Russian buddy:

Russia Bombed Base in Syria Used by U.S.
An outpost near the Jordanian border that is used by U.S. and British special forces was hit by the airstrikes last month
When Russian aircraft bombed a remote garrison in southeastern Syria last month, alarm bells sounded at the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defense in London.
The Russians weren’t bombarding a run-of-the-mill rebel outpost, according to U.S. officials. Their target was a secret base of operations for elite American and British forces. In fact, a contingent of about 20 British special forces had pulled out of the garrison 24 hours earlier. British officials declined to comment.
U.S. military and intelligence officials say the previously unreported close call for Western forces on June 16, and a subsequent Russian strike on a site linked to the Central Intelligence Agency, were part of a campaign by Moscow to pressure the Obama administration to agree to closer cooperation in the skies over Syria.
Time to Wake Up: Russia Bombed US Base in Syria
The risk that U.S. and British forces could have been killed at the border garrison hardened opposition at the Pentagon and the CIA to accommodating the Russians. But White House and State Department officials, wary of an escalation in U.S. military involvement in Syria, decided to pursue a compromise.
Yury Melnik, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Washington, referred questions about the incidents to the Russian Defense Ministry, which didn't respond to a request for comment.
Read the rest of the story HERE and follow a link to a related story below:

Time to Wake Up: Russia Bombed US Base in Syria

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