Friday, July 15, 2016

A Convention Floor Vote Over Donald Trump Could Avert–Not Spark–Chaos in Cleveland

As the Republican convention nears, many are wondering whether the Never Trump movement or other forces can pull off a last-ditch effort to block Donald Trump’s nomination and whether delegates who do not support Mr. Trump will ultimately be bound by their state’s primary or caucus result.
Some of the ideas put forward have merit; others have little chance of succeeding. It is, for example, unlikely that Republican Party leaders would suggest that delegates were never bound to begin with, as some have argued.
Another idea is to force upon Mr. Trump a vice-presidential nominee of the convention’s choosing. This does nothing to fix the “top of the ticket” problem that many worry could have negative effects on down-ballot races. It also relies on a volunteer willing to be the arranged bride.
It has been suggested that to clinch the nomination, the convention’s Rules Committee could require a supermajority of delegates on the first ballot, a mark that Mr. Trump would be unlikely to reach. Conservative talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt is among those who have advocated this.
A more realistic plan has also been proposed:
Twenty-eight of the Rules Committee’s 112 members could advance a minority report supporting a “conscience clause” and demand a floor vote, requiring at the convention exactly what anti-Trump forces want: a majority-rule vote for or against Mr. Trump.
The minority report would strike Rule 16, which was enacted in 2012 to bind delegates to the results of their state’s primary. Critics of efforts to unseat Mr. Trump at the convention say that the primary process should be respected. This method would not disrespect that process while also respecting the convention process.
Read the rest of this WSJ op-ed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

This article wrongly stated that Rule 16 was enacted in 2012. They say it is the one that binds delegates. That did not apply in 2012, and some tried to sneak it in in 2013, yes 2013. So it is NOT adopted, and this convention picks their OWN rules. It is not a rule until they say it is.

Anonymous said...

After reading the whole article, I must point out that if you don't like politics, stay out of the kitchen. Everyone knows Trump is poison for our Party. A fight? Bring it on.

cimbri said...

There's not going to be any chaos. Unlike Romney shushing the Paulites, Trump went out of his way to ask Cruz and others to speak. People having their say averts bitterness and problems.