Monday, June 6, 2016

Why Ted Cruz and Every Discerning Republican Should Renounce Trump

The race is almost finished for the Republicans. It would take a miracle for Donald Trump to not be the GOP candidate for President. While there is still hope in the form a Trump meltdown or a third party conservative candidate, chances are high that we'll have to choose between Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, a symbolic vote, or no vote at all.
This will, of course, be one of the most viciously attacked articles I’ve written in a while. The #NeverHillary crowd includes millions. Many of these people can’t stand Trump but who hate/fear him less than they hate/fear Hillary. Now is not the time to lecture anyone about how choosing the lesser of two evils is choosing evil nonetheless. It’s also not the time to make the argument that as disastrous as a Clinton White House would be, it might not be worse than a Trump White House.
I received a Tweet reply today that concisely made the case of why this may be true:
I’ll disagree slightly about Clinton being “not horribly wrong” with few exceptions as she has numerous liberal policy proposals which are definitely horribly wrong, but otherwise the concept is righteous. Trump won’t be wrong as often as Clinton, but when he makes the mistakes that he’s certain to make and reacts childishly as he’s certain to react, the consequences for America will be much greater. We may not be able to recover from either Presidency, which is why this video Tweeted out by Nancy French fits our current predicament perfectly:

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