Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trump’s MAD

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Donald Trump may be turning into a captive of his public persona.
Is Donald Trump trapped inside his persona?
Keeping up with Mr. Trump’s statements takes some doing, but one thing he said last week, after he had attacked Republican Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, stood out.
“If I was nice to everybody,” he told a crowd later that day in Anaheim, Calif., “I wouldn’t be here today. I’d be watching television right now.”
Mr. Trump believes, correctly, that this persona brought him from his entry into the race last June to the GOP nomination now. It gave him one good year.
But his assertions this week that he won’t change, that he will continue to attack any Republican “that is not on my side,” sounded oddly inadequate to the magnitude of the contest ahead. His public persona is starting to look like a comfortable but self-limiting security blanket.
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