Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trump University Redefines the ‘Brand’

The Donald left his natural sphere and proves unable to rise to the occasion.
If Donald Trump’s tirade against Judge Gonzalo Curiel arises from his sense that Trump University has become a threat to his presidential hopes, he may be right.
Poetic justice has taken a hand. The failure of Trump U, and its resulting lawsuits, would not be a national story in the first place, subject of withering investigations by major press organs, if Mr. Trump weren’t running for president.
Secondly, the lawsuits themselves portray a scam that precisely reflects the arc of Mr. Trump’s career, from tyro real-estate developer to peddler of his personal “brand.” Could there be a more apt example of the Peter Principle than if Mr. Trump’s latest brand extension—into presidential politics—ends up destroying his brand?
His private interests, his public interests—Mr. Trump does not make distinctions. It’s all about one thing, Mr. Trump’s unhealthy love affair with an image of himself. That said, doesn’t his latest eruption seem like something more: if not a cry for help, an unconscious rebellion against the situation he made for himself?
His improper remarks about the judge follow his improper threats against Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post. There’s a connection: A petition from the Post brought last week’s release of embarrassing trial documents, featuring testimony by former Trump U employees who came to regard his real-estate school as a swindle, that brought Mr. Trump’s furious charges that Judge Curiel was biased and a hater of Donald Trump.
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