Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump by Those Who Know Him Best

I’ve read the books by and about him, and they reveal a lot about how he thinks. Two lessons: He manages in the moment and doesn’t sweat details.
Over the years millions of Americans have turned to business books for the secrets of Donald J. Trump and the nature of his success, though often the elixir is straightforward. Mr. Trump “is, first and foremost, a master negotiator and deal maker! It’s not because he has a long list of extreme tactics up his sleeve,” Omarosa divulges in “The Bitch Switch,” a 2008 career-advice book for professional women. “His main tactic is that he makes demands no else dreams of making.”
Omarosa, who is now known by her first name only, is a former political aide who was rescued from obscurity in 2004 by “The Apprentice” reality-television show and has since become a Trump campaign surrogate. She continues in the book: “In the late ’70s and early ’80s, when no one else was offering high-end luxury living in New York City, Mr. Trump negotiated unique deals that allowed him to secure loans with little collateral, and he strategically took advantage of sizable tax breaks. His strategy was simple! He simply asked!”
There are dozens of books like “The Bitch Switch” by and about Donald Trump, and over the past few months I’ve read most of them. The presumptive Republican nominee has published over the years like a Victorian novelist—18 titles and counting. But the franchise has grown to include his lieutenants, business partners, protégés, and current and former family members.
In general, this secondary Trump literature belongs to the same genre as “The Art of the Deal,” Mr. Trump’s seminal 1987 merger of business self-help and autobiography. His imitators rarely match such greatness, or even the quality of his lesser works, such as 2007’s “Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and in Life.”
But several authors are more insightful, and while Mr. Trump likes to say he has “the best words,” theirs are no less instructive. These associates witnessed firsthand how he leads, operates, makes decisions and treats other people—in a word, how he thinks. Though no one can inhabit the mind of another, their testimony is as close as we can get to what Mr. Trump has called his “very good brain.” It’s also a window on how he might behave as president.
Consider George H. Ross, Mr. Trump’s real-estate lawyer for 30 years, who describes himself as the businessman’s “closest advisor.” In Mr. Ross’s 2006 how-to manual, “Trump-Style Negotiation: Powerful Strategies and Tactics for Mastering Every Deal,” he observes: “To my knowledge, Donald Trump has no negotiating weaknesses except maybe the fact that he doesn’t like to discuss minor details. He lacks the patience to work on unimportant paperwork, because he likes to focus on the big picture as a more productive usage of his time.”
Mr. Ross admires Mr. Trump, but he thinks this indifference is a fairly lethal weakness. ...
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Anonymous said...


The above article reports on one of the most important analyses on Donald Trump.

Their report demonstrates the vital truth that Trump shares Obama traits, thus both lack abilities needed to govern well. It gives plain evidence that Trump is un-american.

Those closest to Trump remarked that his point of view sees issues in terms of a winner and a loser. This is a primitive sort of process.

The American Way is that path called win-win. Trump is as barbaric and caveman as he seems.

Also, it is truly evil to call people "like Trump" when they offer critiques and opinions. Nobody I've seen is 'like Trump,' who has mocked the disability of a reporter, except the Nazi's and Hitler.

Calling people "like Trump" DISTORTS reality with the intent to stifle free speech and belittle independent critical-thinking of citizens.

Freedom means people can discuss issues, and not be shutdown because it bothers someone or contradicts leftist media propaganda.

Very unfruitful when some urge society to fail to THINK, assess, discuss, criticize, sort, and publish by using the rubbish mantra, "you're being like Trump."

In the first place, Trump is no conservative. And that is an understatement. Therefore, no conservative is 'like trump.'

Narcissists like Obama and Trump cannot govern in America because they view those free from their iron fist as 'losers.' They clearly oppose equality and independent critical-thinking skill.

Like Obama, Trump very litigiously opposes full disclosure of the facts about him. Tax return secrets come to mind. Also, Trump's desire to hide his actions is the true fuel behind Trump smack-talking and taking whacks at the Judge in his case, who ordered the release of "Trump University" records.

Trump doesn't THINK about race, he is using incendiary polarizing emotionalism to distract from the real topic, the investigation and discovery about his MANY frauds and crimes.

Trump's a loser because he really does fear our power, the power of knowledge. He opposes a free society and free press where we can learn of his foul deeds and crimes.

The Trump record shows him regularly bullying others, "using the law" and the might of mammon against free speech.

Like Obama, Trump's too elitist and narcissistic to function in the United States Presidency as a public servant.

It is Trump's false worldview that service is servile. In Trump's false Pimp-Criminal-Casino Worldview bullying is perceived as equivalent to "strength."

It comes as no surprise in Jones' sexual harassment case against the lewdness of the Governor of Arkansas against a state employee, Paula Corbin Jones, when Trump gave his infamous 'lip service' to the serial rapist bully Bill Clinton (who still obtained our WH due to Hillary lying and lying and lying).

Trump bullying is highly un-american. Trump's vast ignorance of our American Constitution and Declaration of Independence is a barometer indicating his lack of ability to govern. Trump's lack of communications skills, his bullying, his crimes, and his ignorance make Trump dangerous to the freedom of Americans.

Trump bullies because he is a loser.

Obama and Trump sue people too much. Neither should be President in a free nation because they do not know how to participate in relationships of equality and trust. Both Obama and Trump are un-American ignorant bullies.

Anonymous said...


Winners can admit their failures and do not blame others for their failures. Trump is a loser.

Vanity Fair is accurate: Trump is a short-fingered Vulgarian.

"Fun fact: you could load the barrel of Wayne’s pistol with 14 of Trump’s pinkies."

cimbri said...

Stay out of the mushroom forest.