Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This Is How the GOP Could Dump Trump

'The Republican rules aren’t a suicide pact'
Last week, a delegate to the RNC’s convention rules committee speculated to me that it would take four or five terrible weeks like last week, when Trump ranted about the Mexican ethnicity of an Indiana-born judge, for convention delegates to block Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for President.
Welcome to the end of Donald Trump’s terrible week two.
Trump’s sickening victory lap following the massacre of 49 victims in Orlando made the seemingly impossible increasingly plausible: for Republicans who oppose him to wrest the nomination from his short-fingered grip.
Friday, RNC Chair Reince Priebus appointed Enid Mickelsen, a Utah convention rules delegate, as chair of the all-important convention rules committee. Mickelsen, who has said it’s a “shame” Trump isn’t an appropriate role model for children, was quoted in March saying that convention rules could be changed, including whether delegates are bound.
Friday, Reince Priebus appointed Enid Mickelsen, a Utah 
convention rules delegate, as chair of the all-important
 convention rules committee
Veteran Republican operative John Yob, who worked as Senator John McCain’s 2008 national political director, presciently gamed out various contested convention scenarios in his book Chaos: The Outsider’s Guide to a Contested Republican Convention. (Disclosure: Yob was political director on Senator Rand Paul’s presidential bid, which I also supported.)
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Jay Bird-d said...

Ted Cruz is the Man...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Ted Cruz would be the most obvious choice, although I don't think he would have a prayer.

Walker is being talked about, but he's not ready for prime-time, so I think it's odd.