Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet

The latest controversy to embroil the presumptive Republican nominee involves hundreds of claims that he skipped out on his bills.
There are scandals, and then there are scandals. Even though Donald Trump’s name is attached to a long list of controversies and legal entanglements, many of them seem to have had little negative impact on his presidential run so far.
Steve Marcus/Reuters
The newest story seems like it has the potential to leave a mark. USA Today turned up hundreds of cases in which people working for Trump—from cabinetmakers to waiter, and dishwashers to painters—say they were stiffed on payment for the services they rendered. These aren’t small claims, either. They range from tens of thousands to $400,000. Many are tied up in litigation. Trump’s general claim is that the work they turned up was shoddy, but the sheer number of complaints makes that hard to believe. So does the moment in court when a manager admitted that officials had decided not to pay a painter because they’d “already paid enough.” (Years ago, a federal judge also found Trump guilty of conspiring to withhold compensation from undocumented Polish workers building Trump Tower, though the case was appealed and later settled out of court.)
Beth Harpaz/AP
... The 2016 presidential election could be the most scandal-plagued match-up since James Blaine’s allegedly corrupt business deals squared off against Grover Cleveland’s alleged illegitimate child in 1884. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is poised to win the nomination, bringing with her a train-car’s worth of baggage. But the Republican front-runner is at least as saddled with controversy as Clinton is—and while many of the Clinton cases involve suspicion and shadowy links, many of Trump’s are fully documented in court cases and legal proceedings.
Mark Lennihan/AP
The breadth of Trump’s controversies is truly yuge, ranging from allegations of mafia ties to unscrupulous business dealings, and from racial discrimination to alleged marital rape. The stretch over more than four decades, from the mid-1970s to the present day. To catalogue the full sweep of allegations would require thousands of words and lump together the trivial with the truly scandalous. Including business deals that have simply failed, without any hint of impropriety, would require thousands more. This is a snapshot of some of the most interesting and largest of those scandals. ...
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