Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Donald Is Down 46-35 To Hillary In His Favorite Poll

hahahaha ... wonder if it's still his favorite poll?
... it’s still got to hurt for Trump to see today’s Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll. In the immediate aftermath of winning Indiana and knocking out Ted Cruz and John Kasich, Trump surged from a double-digit deficit to a lead (albeit three tenths of a point, 40.2 to 39.9) on May 9, and was effectively tied (40.5 to 40.4) on May 11. But today’s tracker shows Trump deep in the dumps, down 46.0 to 34.8, a deficit of more than 11 points (albeit with an improbable 19.2% undecided). This on the heels of falling behind in the latest Fox News and Rasmussen polls. ...
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

NTs are hurting us. They could cost us the election. We'll fight on anyway; hopefully it won't be like Braveheart, where King Longshanks (the Clintons) pay off part of our tribe to leave us to lose in the mud and ruin.