Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sam Harris: Donald Trump would be our first atheist president

Republican Donald Trump could become the first atheist president of the United States, according to neuroscience author Sam Harris.
“The one thing that is surprising and actually hopeful in Trump’s candidacy is the fact that he has dissected out the religious, social conservative component of the Republican Party,” Harris said on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast
Neuroscientist Sam Harris (Steve Jurvetson/Flickr)
“Evangelicals, for the most part, were going for Trump over Cruz when it was pretty clear to them that Trump was just pretending to be religious.”
Harris, who is associated with the “New Atheism” movement, noted that Trump referred to “Second Corinthians” as “Corinthians Two” during a speech at the evangelical Liberty University.
“It is clear to them that he is just miming the language or impersonating a person of faith, but they don’t care really, as long as he does it,” he explained. “And that — if you look for a silver lining to this – it shows they just want a space where their religious convictions are not under attack. They don’t really care that the person in charged share them. If you pretend to share them, that’s good enough.”
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cimbri said...

We've had a lot of atheist presidents. But they have to play the role to placate believers.