Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Op-ed: Why Sanders and Cruz are the Best VP Picks

I believe there's a snowball's chance in hell of this ever happening and believe, and would hope, Cruz would reject it, if offered.

The author does however make some interesting points:
.... Mr. Trump appears vulnerable in North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia and perhaps Utah — all states that Mitt Romney won in 2012. In order for Mr. Trump to win in November, he must at least hold these states, while flipping others.
Mr. Trump — who’s brash remarks about a federal judge has created a crisis among Republican leadership this week — needs a consistent, reliable conservative to be on his ticket. One who values the Constitution and won’t undermine conservative values. That person is Mr. Cruz.
Although Mr. Cruz lost the North Carolina primary, he did notch some impressive victories among key demographics. Mr. Cruz won over Evangelicals, women, the youth, the self-identified “very conservative”and among college-educated whites — groups where Mr. Trump needs to improve.
In Utah — a state where Mormon support for Mr. Trump is wavering and its governor has signaled he may or may not vote for the Republican presumed nominee — Mr. Cruz won by 69 percent, clinching all the delegates in the primary.
Although Mr. Trump won Georgia handily, the state’s demographics are swiftly changing, with more Hispanic voters on the rolls and a large African-American population. Same goes for Arizona.
Mr. Cruz isn’t a panacea for Mr. Trump’s problems, but he is a starting point. As a Hispanic, he can reach out to those populations troubled by Mr. Trump’s candidacy. Yes, Mr. Cruz is a polarizing figure himself, and has had his own polling problems among women, but he has been able to turn out conservative votes. ...
There's lots more to this Washington Times op-ed. Read the full article HERE.

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cimbri said...

You do need a GOP VP nominee who can get those prairie, American Gothic voters, no doubt about it. It would be a tremendous boost to Cruz's career, because depending on how well he did in the campaign and as VP, he could earn some future Trump voters support.