Friday, June 3, 2016

Op-ed: A Friend Betrayed

A Friend Betrayed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on
Yesterday, William Finlay...aka Wild Bill for America... posted a video called 'Turncoat Conservatives.' In this video my longtime personal friend William Findlay whom I call Bill...alluded to my Right Side Patriots partner and friend Craig Andresen and myself as being both "delusional and unhinged" because we are proud to be #nevertrump and will continue to be so. Likening us to infamous traitor Benedict Arnold and calling us "phony Conservatives," Bill spent most of the video betraying our friendship by discussing a personal and private phone conversation we had this past Tuesday night.
Bill and I spoke from 1am until almost 3am on many subjects both those we agree on and those we disagree on...and know we speak many times and have quite a few personal friends in common. And know that this conversation did indeed take place as I have proof on my cell phone log as to this call if anyone questions what I am saying. At the start of our conversation Bill told me like always that what we say remains between us, but as proved by this video, Bill Finlay is not a man of his word and has betrayed me, his personal friend. And why...simply because I do not support nor will I vote for Donald J. Trump for president as I am part of the #nevertrump movement.
And while leaving out my actual name in his video...Bill clearly stated that the one who he had conversed with just the other night was "the co-host of a popular internet radio show" ...a radio show I will tell you is called 'Right Side Patriots' which he, as many of you know, has appeared on numerous times...and that his words in the video of having "pinned me down" so as to expose the true agenda of the #nevertrump movement..are absolutely not true.
See and hear the entire video 'Turncoat Conservatives' here...unedited and in its entirety so as not to be accused of taking anything out of context:
Alluding directly to my and Craig's anti-Trump posts, even using words in his video lifted directly from his comments on said posts...for example "why are these two directly sabotaging the only guy who can stop Hillary" and "do we plan to stop Hillary by wrecking Trump's ability to win the election" proves Bill is most assuredly alluding to me and Craig directly. Also, both Bill and a few of his followers have been posting said video directly under my and Craig's anti-Trump posts and comments on facebook so as to try and counter what we say.
But what's most grievous about this video besides Bill's name calling and totally off the wall accusations is that this video has been made and circulated by the very same man who sent Craig a message about 'rimming' and who claimed that both he and I promote what he calls 'the homosexual agenda' simply because we stand by the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage...a decision affording legal rights to gay people wishing to marry. We even discussed this in said phone conversation with Bill refusing to acknowledge the fact that this decision in no way affects the religious aspect of marriage. And let it be known that while both Craig and I continue to stand by our support of this ruling... remember, the Declaration of Independence states "...All Men are created equal..." we both have written and spoke about on our show that this SCOTUS decision should have stayed with the states where it and all social issues belong.
See Craig's article where Bill Finlay accuses him of promoting 'rimming' here:
So back to Craig and I being "unhinged" and to being "traitors"...the only traitor I see here is William Wild Bill for America...for his betraying of a private phone conversation with me, his friend. And while, like I said, he did not call me by name in said video...which is kind of cowardly to accuse me of something but not be willing to say my name as the one being accused...let it be known that Bill is again misrepresenting the truth as what he is claiming was not how it was. Yes, we did speak of a possible new candidate entering the race as he stated in his video, and yes I admit that at first I did not remember said candidate's name as I was busy posting my newest anti-Hillary I am a member of #neverhillary something Bill selectively chooses to forget...but what Bill leaves out of his so-angry discourse is that after a few minutes as I was winding down my posting I did indeed remember the possible candidate's name... David French...and spoke of his very impressive which Bill said he doesn't have a chance and his entry into the race will only help to assure a Hillary win.
And Bill is also being so much less than truthful in this video by his wrongly claiming that I said Trump is in the race just to deliberately lose and give the election to Hillary. And his calling me, his friend, "stupid" in regards to this supposed claim shows the true character of the man as well for I am anything but stupid. Now I just want to know how can his claim be truth when I have said time and again on facebook, in my articles, and on Craig and my radio show that "Donald Trump was put into the race by Billy-Boy to assure a Hillary win" and also that "Hillary won the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy." Word semantics some will with totally different meanings but then again Bill knows that and willingly chose to bend the truth to suit and fit his own agenda.
Now as to being a "phony Conservative" it is not I nor Craig who are the phonies but it is William Finlay himself who is the phony...not only a phony Conservative and betrayer of a long-time how can one claim to be a Conservative and yet rabidly support a man who is the antithesis of everything Conservatives believe in, stand for, and hold dear. First of course is the right to privacy which Bill has obviously betrayed, but a true Conservative supports the Constitution as the law of our land something Bill does not as his leanings are that of one who wants a theology not one who truly understands that America is a Republic...a Constitutional Republic...and not a country run by or having to answer to religious leaders. Just watch and listen to his videos and his constant references to God and religion...we do have separation of church and state here in America...something Bill Finlay forgets or simply chooses to ignore.
This can also be witnessed by his refusal to accept as fact that while assuring religious freedoms, our Founders and Framers were guided mostly by secular ideas and state interests when writing the Constitution. Bill ignores that many of our Founders and Framers were in persons who rejected many Christian doctrines and who thought God does not interfere in the affairs of men and nations...a view I personally hold as 'We the People' created the mess we're currently in and that it's up to 'We the People' not God to fix it.
And Donald J. Trump is not the fix we need no matter how much Bill Finlay spews out that he is, for as much as Donald J. Trump is the epitome of phoniness so is William Finlay. The man who in the guise of 'Wild Bill for America' repeatedy shouts out that we #nevertrump are pushing forward an agenda in the "unholy name of liberalism"...and alluding that Craig and I are two of the "most unhinged and most vicious of those sabotaging and viciously stabbing America in the back"...adding that "we know who you turncoats are" and that "you should face serious consequence for turning on your friends and America" has now on videotape actually spoken words that are a threat...a threat if ever words were said. And pray tell who are "we" least "we" are not Trumpers blindly following the Democrat dressed in 'Made in China' clothing posing as a Republican...and to his threatening words I'm shaking in my 'spike heel' boots... sarcastically said of course.
So let Bill Finlay, the man who in that now no longer private phone conversation said that he wants to make amends and apologize to both Craig and I concerning his untrue remarks about us pushing a 'homosexual agenda' and that he didn't want our disagreeing on Trump to ruin our friendship, I now sadly have come to realize is not only a speaker of untruths as well as being a betrayer of a friend...but also is a con man not unlike Trump...but who in this case used a friend to get words for a video and then twisted those words to fit his newest agenda of getting what amounts to a Democrat into the highest office in our land.
And as most of our radio listeners and those who read our articles know both Craig and I are indeed true freedom fighters...fighters to keep our Constitution as the law of our land...fighters to help assure that Conservative voices, albeit voices that come with views not to Bill's dictated version of conservatism's liking, remain out in the public venue never to be silenced...and that we as fighters for our beloved America will never support nor vote for a man who flip-flops his stances as per the audience he's speaking to...will never support nor vote for a man who has no tangible and workable policies to back-up his sound-byte candidacy...and that we are fighters, freedom fighters, who will also never support nor vote for the 'Butcher of Benghazi.'
And might I add that now I, like many others, am no longer a fan of a fowl-mouthed, vilely ranting, phony Conservative videographer who bends the truth to fit his agenda more vile than one can imagine but an agenda that was said in a private phone conversation and therefore an agenda I will keep private unlike the conversation one William Finlay and I had that he made public.


GJPinks said...

Please name one, not two or three, but one thing Trump would be doing differently if he is a Democrat Trojan Horse working with Hillary and Soros to destroy the Republican-Conservative movement.

Please, just one.


cimbri said...

So narcissistic, some of these media conservatives. It's all about them, and their wonderful principles. They're just so brilliant, the special 10%. They know things we'll never know.

Meanwhile the other 90% of us, know what has to be done. We will keep going to Trump rallies, keep taking the assaults, and the damage to our cars, from foreign nationals supporting the opposition, because we're fighting for American sovereignty, something the conservative lala land people care absolutely nothing about. We'll vote for our Republican nominee.