Monday, June 6, 2016

Non-presidential Donald Trump

Pivot to a more party-healing, unifying sort of candidate is not off to a promising start.
Donald Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination last week, offering him a chance to become a more party-healing, unifying sort of candidate than he has been.
Let's just say the pivot to presidential is not off to a promising start. The thin-skinned businessman has continued to launch personal attacks on just about anyone who dares defy or disagree with him.
Just last week, for example, he had a chance to try to smooth relations with a key figure in the party he now leads, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, who chairs the influential Republican Governors Association and has been talked up as a possible vice presidential candidate. Martinez has been critical of Trump’s comments on immigrants and has declined to support him. A defter politician, particularly one who needs to shore up support among Hispanics and women, would have found a way to woo Martinez. Instead, Trump petulantly slammed her for “not doing the job” and said he’d be a better governor than she is.
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