Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dozens Have Gone to ‘Hundreds’ of GOP Convention Delegates Plotting to Dump Trump in Cleveland

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Unconventional has been reporting for some time now on the concept of disgruntled Republicans dumping presumptive nominee Donald Trump at the Republican convention that begins in Cleveland on July 18. Last month, we dug deep into the GOP rule book — and the party’s history — to figure out whether deep-sixing the Manhattan mogul is even possible at this point. (Short answer: It is.) And later, we explained what would have to happen between now and Cleveland to convince Republicans to go through with it.
But there were never any actual delegates, you know, plotting to wrest the nomination away Trump at the convention. It was all just speculation.
Until now.
On Friday, the Washington Post reported that dozens of Republican convention delegates had hatched “a new plan” to block Trump in Cleveland — a plan, according to the Post, that amounted to “the most organized effort so far to stop the businessman from becoming the GOP presidential nominee.”
At the time, the latest Dump Trump cabal was fairly small. Roughly 30 delegates from 15 states participated in a conference call Thursday night, with Republicans from Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana and Washington signing on as regional coordinators. A Christian schoolteacher and rules committee member from Colorado named Kendal Unruh — a former Ted Cruz supporter — was leading the charge.
LINK: Kendal Unruh FTD
Since then, however, Unruh’s campaign appears to have picked up steam. A second conference call on Sunday night attracted an alleged 1,000 participants. Unruh & Co. claimed that “several hundred delegates and alternates” had now rallied to the cause. The group announced plans raise money for staff and a possible legal defense fund. And they even gave themselves a name: Free the Delegates.
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cimbri said...

So hundreds of Rubio, Kasich and Cruz delegates are plotting to overthrow Trump? They need hundreds of Trump delegates at minimum.