Sunday, June 5, 2016

Donald Trump's Obsession With Himself

It's all about Donald Trump.
From his condemnation of journalists to his racially tinged attacks on a judge presiding over a lawsuit related to Trump University to his feud with New Mexico GOP Gov. Susana Martinez, there's one thing in common about the mounting Trump controversies: The presumptive Republican presidential nominee is aiming to make the entire 2016 campaign about himself.
American politics is littered with larger-than-life personalities. But no presidential candidate in living memory has built a campaign so exclusively on the foundation of his own personal, brand, self-congratulatory rhetoric and life story as Trump. And don't expect anything different if he makes it to the White House.
"You think I'm going to change?" he told reporters at a press conference this week. "I'm not going to change."
Trump has prospered by being the loudest, most unapologetic salesman of self in politics that most seasoned observers have ever seen. He is not just the figurehead of his own campaign -- his personality is the campaign, as evidenced by stump speeches, press conferences and endless television and radio interviews that add up to an unstoppable torrent of self-promotion.
"The Trump campaign is not about any cause, it is all about Trump," said Peter Wehner, who has watched candidates and presidents up close as an aide in the last three Republican administrations. "His campaign is all about him. How he treats other people is all about him -- whether one is praised and patted on the head or cruelly mocked depends on what you have said about him."
Trump's self-aggrandizement has become a dominant theme of the presidential campaign.
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Francis McAnarney said...

Your opinion.

cimbri said...

Funny coming from people who would let the USA go down the drain, over their imaginary principles.