Friday, June 3, 2016

Donald Trump perfectly summed up his life philosophy in just 6 words

At a contentious news conference on Tuesday, Donald Trump was asked by a reporter why he felt the need to "antagonize" a federal judge who had ruled against him in a case involving Trump University.
"Why antagonize?" Trump asked rhetorically. "Because I don't care."
Those six words are Trump at his most honest -- and most revealing. If you needed two sentences to sum up not only Trump's remarkably successful 2016 presidential bid but also the dominant strain of his life, those six words are about as good as you can get.
Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM)
Time and again during this race (and in his life), Trump has picked a fight that not only he didn't need to, but also actively worked against his broader goals.
The most recent example was during his trip to New Mexico last week, during which Trump said Gov. Susana Martinez, the head of the Republican Governors Association, was "not doing her job." That hit came within days -- and maybe even hours -- of Trump's campaign promising to unite the GOP behind him.
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RomeyMan said...

He could have countered the people green with envy with 6 other words, like I-easily-won-the-Republican-nomination