Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Can I Vote Today For Ted Cruz In California? YOU SURE CAN!

If you're a registered Republican voter in the state of California, your options for voting in Tuesday's presidential primary may seem very limited. Perhaps it's because registered Republicans can only vote for Republican primary candidates in California, but it's more likely the result of Donald Trump's trailblazing path to your party's nomination. When you pick up your ballot, though, you may see more choices than you'd expect, as you can still vote for Ted Cruz in California's primary.
Although California doesn't have truly "closed" primaries, Republicans have little choice in which ballot they receive at the polls. If you're registered as a Republican in California on Tuesday, you'll receive a Republican Party ballot, with choices for presidential nominee and state and local offices. (There's a pretty interesting Senate race going on in the Golden State, as well.) In other words, Republicans cannot vote for a presidential primary candidate who isn't a Republican, even though the primary race on the other side of the aisle is much more competitive at this point.
With an overwhelming winning streak and no candidates actively left to campaign against him, Trump has effectively clinched his party's nomination. Even establishment leaders, like House Speaker Paul Ryan, seem to be reluctantly falling in line behind the outspoken businessman. Trump appears to be the only GOP candidate left with any real path forward, but he's not the only candidate that California Republicans are voting for.
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