Monday, June 27, 2016

Anti-Trump Group to Air TV Ads Aimed at GOP Convention Delegates

The effort to strip Donald Trump of the Republican presidential nomination takes to the cable television airwaves beginning this weekend with an advertisement that compares Mr. Trump unfavorably to former President Ronald Reagan.
The 30-second ad, funded by a non-profit organization called Delegates Unbound, asks GOP convention delegates to “choose your values” and “follow your conscience” by nominating someone other than Mr. Trump. It directs them to a new website aiming to organize delegates hostile to Mr. Trump.
Read the rest of the story HERE and view the tv ad below:

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cimbri said...

Well, they're going to do their best to cause Trump to lose, and then afterwards, "see I told you he would lose". Republicans are a minority party. The nominee cannot win without all hands on deck.

Anonymous said...

cimbri, have you seen the polls? A majority of GOP voters don't want him. 70% of Americans cannot stand him.


cimbri said...

Hey Martha,
I'm skeptical of some of these polls. It seems to me, they simply reflect the Dem sampling percentage. Reuters +13, Hill up by 14, ABC +10, Hill up by 11. CBS was Dem +6, Hill up by 5%. I think those were all registered voter polls.

Based on the various polls, Trump has a very good shot at winning the election. Assuming turnout is equal on both sides, Trump will have to win Indies by enough to overcome a Dem numerical advantage. It's very doable based on anecdotal evidence at minimum.