Thursday, May 26, 2016

Veterans hold Trump Tower protest after Donald Trump’s charity fundraising drive comes up short

A group of veterans went to Donald Trump’s headquarters in midtown Manhattan on Monday to demand an apology and answers after the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s campaign admitted a veterans fundraiser did not raise as much money as he had initially claimed.
Alexander McCoy, who said he was a Marine Corps veteran who helped organize the protest, described Trump’s handling of the January fundraiser as “unacceptable.”
“We’re here as a group of veterans to reject Donald Trump,” McCoy said. “It is unacceptable that he made a commitment and failed to live up to it. He said he raised $6 million for veterans and claimed to have done so, and yet there has been no accountability for that money.”
He continued: “He has failed to show where a lot of that money went. And he failed to raise as much as he claimed to have raised. And it is unacceptable for Donald Trump to try to take advantage of the goodwill that American voters feel for our men and women in uniform to try and get votes while failing to live up to his own commitments.”
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cimbri said...

Vets group created by Clinton people. More astroturf stuff.