Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trump’s Supreme Court Picks Reveal His Political Skills, NOT HIS BELIEFS

as with all things Trump, what he believes can change day to day, sometimes hour to hour. And while he has been saying he would replace Scalia with someone equally conservative, it’s anyone’s guess whether he would actually do so if given the chance.
Supreme Court: For a proudly nonpolitical presidential candidate, Donald Trump has remarkably astute political instincts. That was made clear again when he released a list of 11 candidates to replace Justice Scalia.
The ideological balance of the Supreme Court is always an issue in presidential campaigns, but rarely has the importance been as stark as this one.
Should Hillary Clinton win the election, it’s a certainty that the court’s balance will shift decisively to the left, with four committed liberals, three more or less conservatives, and one swing vote in Justice Kennedy. Given Kennedy’s age — he will be 80 this July — there’s a chance she could shift another seat firmly into the liberal camp.
On the other hand, not only could a conservative Republican be counted on to replace Scalia with someone who shares his judicial philosophy, they might also have the chance to fill the seats of aging liberal Justices Ginsburg (who is 83) and Breyer (77).
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