Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Trump's Past Surfaces As GOP Looks Forward

As Donald Trump pushed for party unity this week, he offered fresh reminders of the landmines from his past that he is carrying into a general election.
The political outsider's unconventional style and resume vaulted him into the role of party standard-bearer, but his unusual background was also exposed repeatedly this week as a major liability, with characters -- real, or maybe even fictional -- re-emerging to hound him.
He was dogged by questions surrounding his vast fortunes, his edgy media profile and his less-than-savory associates.
Perhaps no controversy better illustrated Trump's break from typical politics than his repeated refusal to release any tax returns, bucking decades of presidential tradition. The presumptive GOP nominee has allowed that he will release returns eventually — but only when he is cleared of routine audits that his counsel says should preclude their release.
Could he release just the effective tax rate in advance?
"It's none of your business," Trump told ABC News on Friday. "You'll see it when I release."
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