Saturday, May 28, 2016

THE MAN WHO SOLD THE RIGHT, PART THREE: Donald Trump and the assimilation of behavior

The Three Amigos: Trump, Bloomberg and Clinton
How could Donald Trump, a man who’s given tons of cash to liberals, be so beloved by outspoken conservatives who previously prided themselves on despising Republicans for being RINOS and “squishies”?
It helps that Trump studied the landscape of the true believers and then, in a deliberate pivot, indulged their “beliefs.” I put “beliefs” in quotes because, frankly, I am not sure what anyone believes any more.
Pick a topic, and Trump has been on both sides. See guns. Immigration. Taxes.
And there is the genius of Trump: His principle is the replacement of principles with an amorphous, pragmatic, deal-making continuum. His ideology is a non-ideology of free-flowing, ever-changing dispositions. He’s a political mood ring.
As a non-ideologue, I’m open to this new kind of animal, and without any hint of hypocrisy.
What I find troubling are those strident ideologues who now embrace Trump – a centrist of fluid belief – after castigating other hardworking conservatives for not being rigid enough. Maybe I’ll forgive it, but I won’t forget.
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