Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ted Cruz’s Backers Push to Shape GOP Convention

Supporters of the former presidential candidate seek to give more sway to conservative activists
Ted Cruz will head to the Republican National Convention with more clout than any GOP runner-up since Pat Buchanan in 1992.
Mr. Buchanan used his influence to deliver his fiery “Culture War” speech at the Houston convention and to push his party to the right on such social issues as abortion. Mr. Cruz’s backers are taking a lower-profile approach and one that could have more lasting impact on the party’s presidential process.
They plan to push for a series of rule changes that could slow or prevent an outsider candidate like presumptive nominee Donald Trump in the future, and give more sway to the sort of conservative activists who backed Mr. Cruz.
Some are also considering a proposal to create a “conscience exception,” which they could invoke if they can’t bring themselves to support the candidate that won the nominating contests.
“We’d like to see the grass-roots empowered,” said Ken Cuccinelli, a former Virginia attorney general who is leading the effort. “People are tossing ideas around right now. What we’re in now is the brainstorming phase.”
Cruz delegates will populate—and could make up a majority on—important committees that will determine the platform and rules at the GOP convention.
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GJPinks said...

sc3w "shaping the GOP Convention. Cruz and his supporters must take the nomination from #DeadbeatDonald.
No taxes?
Promises already morphing into suggestions
#DodgingDonald is the death of the GOP, Better to die on your feet fighting for truth than living on your knees begging for a little more gruel.
Stand For Truth or Fall for Evil

cimbri said...

Only 1 in 5 Republicans supports the no exceptions for abortion plank in the platform, yet somehow, it keeps getting put in there, every 4 years. This shows again that these elite delegates don't represent the people. Make sure the platform represents Trump's views, which are shared by the overwhelming majority of Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Cimbri is misleading people. The 2012 GOP Party Platform says NOTHING about 'no exceptions.' So no, Cimbri, it is not "finding its way in there."

Again Cimbri is shown insulting representative government. The thousands of delegates are not the "elites."

Also, “The platform will be crafted, voted on and approved by the delegates that have been elected by Republican grassroots voters and activists.”
Normal American values and party functions constantly attacked by Cimbri, and he lies about them regularly.

Whether Americans label themselves Pro Life or Pro Choice, their views are CLOSE to each other. The most abhorred policy is the one Trump supports: partial birth abortion. This filthy practice is used to provide Planned Parenthood "intact" baby organs to sell for profits.

Trump says we have to mass slaughter babies, "Because we have to."

See 2012 GOP Party Platform for yourself. Link below.*


Anonymous said...

@GJPinks, I love your quote on fighting for truth. Kudos.

Go Conservative Republicans!!!!
Booyah. Booyah. Booyah.

cimbri said...

The party platform, pushed by the elite in 2012, said that even a raped woman could not get an abortion. That's extremism and must be adjusted to represent the 98% of the people that don't agree. Trump's stated position, many times, is against abortion, but allows for exceptions in the case of rape, incest and mother's health. Trump right again. Again, let's make sure the platform represents the true will of the People. said...

Amen to the Truth. I am not bound to Trump and will never be. He is a dictator of the worse kind. A baby killer and a sociopath according to the expert's who have watched hundreds of hour's of footage on him. Trump is no Conservative and Not a Republican I protest the RNC GOP regarding Trumps own statements regarding changing the Party. I object and Will never endorse him.
We have a God to answer to in this decision and Delegates had best keep that in mind.
Ken is sending a Far different message than what I am very aware of. said...

I beg to differ he supports partial birth abortion and is on record for it. said...

I beg to differ he supports partial birth abortion and is on record for it.