Monday, May 16, 2016

Ted Cruz says 'challenges' may lie ahead (Includes Ted Cruz FULL SPEECH at Texas GOP Convention 05-14-16)

Ted Cruz on Saturday used his first speech since dropping out of the presidential race not to endorse Donald Trump or urge Republican unity behind him, but to maintain that core conservatives can save America. Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, countered by deploying a top surrogate who did his best to woo skeptical Texas conservatives.
Addressing thousands of cheering delegates at the Texas Republican Convention, many of whom climbed to their feet and waved red-white-and-blue "Thank You Ted!" signs, Cruz repeated some of the same promises from his defunct White House campaign, like abolishing the IRS.
"People ask, 'Are you disappointed?' Of course you're disappointed," Cruz said. But he also insisted he remains optimistic about American conservatism.
"That movement is far more important than any one campaign, far more important than one candidate," Cruz said. "We may face some challenges ahead, but I am convinced that movement, the men and women gathered here, will be the remnant, will be the core of the movement pulling this country back from the abyss."
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