Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ted Cruz is Not Even Partly Dead

Since Trump’s entirely predictable sweep of the liberal Republicans in the Eastern primaries, the conservative as well as liberal media under the banner of “Trump the Inevitable” have been endlessly repeating their wishful thinking that Cruz is officially DOA. Which brings to mind the truly hilarious spoof Cruz himself does on YouTube of the epic scene in “The Princess Bride” in which Billy Crystal as Miracle Max declares the Dread Pirate Roberts only “mostly dead.” But the Dread Pirate didn’t have the unpledged Republican Convention delegates, and Cruz just might.
If the media clairvoyants who tally up delegate “projections” would step away from their giant number screens stacked with guesses they might notice events turning in Cruz’ favor.
A recent Washington Post survey of delegates found Cruz could pick up an additional 130-170 delegates on a second ballot if Trump doesn’t have enough to win the nomination on the first ballot. And most of the high foreheads sitting at their shiny media election desks say he won’t.
It’s also possible that Marco Rubio could bestow on Cruz many or all of the 172 delegates he’ll bring to the convention even though he has officially suspended his campaign. Some read Rubio’s interview with prominent radio and TV conservative Mark Levin as hinting at exactly that. “I hope that they’ll nominate a conservative.” Rubio told Levin. “The only (candidate) that fits that criteria is Ted Cruz.” Certainly the beliefs and policies Rubio voiced during his campaign would more closely ally him with Cruz than any other contender.
For now, Rubio is playing his delegates close to the chest, perhaps to mount a surprise Ted Cruz rescue on the first ballot. But if the GOP retains its current convention rule that a contestant must have won eight states to be nominated, many of Rubio’s delegates will go to others according to state guidelines since he hasn’t qualified.
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