Sunday, May 8, 2016

Some In GOP Fear Trump Impact

Lawmakers in swin districts avoid, embrace or ignore the outspoken billionaire
Donald Trump’s elevation to presumptive presidential nominee has raised fears among some Republicans that he could damage the election prospects of the party’s congressional candidates.
Democrats have been working for months to link vulnerable Republicans to Mr. Trump, who has alienated many women and minority voters. But now that he has driven Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich from the contest, Democrats are pushing to make Mr. Trump an even bigger factor.
So far, Republicans in swing states have chosen three paths: to steer clear of Mr. Trump, to embrace him and to say he doesn’t matter in their races.
“Vulnerable Republicans are going to have to assemble a coalition of Trump supporters and people who are offended by Trump in order to get re-elected,” said Nathan Gonzales, an editor of the nonpartisan Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report. “It’s a difficult task, but not impossible.”
The Trump effect could be especially important in the Senate, where Republicans hold a 54-46 advantage and Democrats need to win four seats to retake control (five if they lose the White House, since the vice president breaks Senate ties). Many of the competitive Senate races are in states won by President Barack Obama, where voters may not be so friendly to Mr. Trump.
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