Friday, May 20, 2016

Some Conservatives Say Trump Losing May Not Be All That Bad For The GOP

AP Photo/Mary Altaffern
It's a paradox that's even more divisive in politics than in sports: the notion of losing now to win later.
But to some conservative reformers, Donald Trump's emergence as the party's standard-bearer is an opportunity to do just that: remake a Republican Party that has lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections.
"It's important that he lose badly," said Peter Wehner, who served in three Republican presidential administrations, including a senior policy position in the George W. Bush White House. "This has to be a repudiation of Trump and Trumpism."
The deep schism in the Republican Party over Trump's likely nomination has split conservatives over what could or should come next. Some hope that Trump will prove to be a populist aberration and that the party will rebound to a more traditional brand of conservatism. Others expect him to win in November and fundamentally change the GOP.
Still others expect Trump to lose badly this fall, but say his success in the primaries means the GOP cannot go back to the previous status quo. Trump's victories point to the need for a thorough updating of the party's ideology to appeal more directly to its increasingly blue-collar base, they say.
Not all of Trump's conservative critics are as blunt as Wehner. But many of the party's deepest policy thinkers agree with him that a big Trump loss would prompt the thorough-going debate, and possibly fundamental changes, they believe the party needs.
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cimbri said...

Conservatives desperately need Trump to win. He's the only thing standing in the way of 10 to 20 million new Democrat citizens in 4 years. Just use your common sense and forget about everything else. That one fact alone means everyone right of center should vote for Trump. If Trump loses, then you will need to further dilute the definition of conservative. Conservatives will be like British conservatives, simply managing our decline and inevitable fall. If Trump loses, the schism gets worse, and we're all much worse off.


"further dilute" the definition of conservative. Trump's NOT EVEN a diluted conservative. HE'S a PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL Democrat, trying to pose as a Republican