Sunday, May 8, 2016

November Election Could Rest On Who Voters Hate Least, Trump Or Clinton

Election 2016: Unless something cataclysmic happens between now and November, voters will be faced with a difficult decision: How do you choose between two presidential candidates who share so much in common, including huge likability problems?
Yes, arguably the 68-year-old New Yorker named Clinton will be more reliably liberal than the 69-year-old New Yorker named Trump. But as we pointed out in this space earlier, both Clinton and Trump have a history of flip-flopping on issues, sometimes within a matter of days.
The reason Clinton has been dogged by the septuagenarian socialist Bernie Sanders for so long is that liberal Democrats have a hard time trusting Clinton on the issues. She supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership before she opposed it, backed the Keystone pipeline until she didn’t, and supported clean coal before bragging that she would kill coal jobs, which was before she said she never said such a thing. She’s been on both sides on charter schools.
Clinton is so flexible that even her accent changes depending on her audience.
Trump, meanwhile, has been all over the map on almost every issue since he’s started taking positions on issues, and even since he started his presidential campaign, which we have detailed in this space over the course of the primaries. Even on core issues where Trump has taken a conservative stance in the campaign — immigration and tax cuts — he has flip-flopped over the years.
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