Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Am a Canadian Who Doesn't Understand Meme

Have any of you seen this meme image? I've seen it posted by a Trump supporter. I suppose it is trying to state their reason for their support of Trump. After all, Trump is an outsider, right? (Wrong! But I digress.)

Anyway, here is my response.

Dear Canadian: I can understand why you don't understand. You've been watching the media. Protests happened over those 8 years. Do you remember the TEA Party uprisings against the PPACA? Yep, every townhall was attended by a large group of people who protested, demanded that their representatives not pass the bill. The Democrat Congress passed it anyway.

I can understand why you don't understand. You just don't remember the standoff between the ranchers and the Federal government. An armed militia facing off a well armed FBI.

I can understand why you don't understand. You didn't vote in the USA in 2010, 2012, and 2014 where elections matter and we replaced a bunch of Democrat governors and Representatives to remove the Democrat majority and make it possible to stop (but not remove) Obama.

And now we're protesting a misogynist bully who feigns Republicanism. We're protesting a narcissist who is only about himself, his wealth, and his power. If it helps others, it's just a byproduct and not necessarily intentional. (Yes, I understand he does good around the world. I read a story about how he flew a bunch of military home in his private jet with only the cost of fuel to the government. That's great! Really. But he still had his name stamped on that jet.) We're protesting a Crony Capitalist who makes backroom deals with politicians, uses eminent domain, and is potentially going to have one of his entities charged for fraud. We're protesting a guy who will do *almost* as much damage to the USA as Hillary Clinton (just in different ways, but the end result is the same).

Also, did you know that Trump, just in the past couple of days, has stated he would take in Syrian refugees?  Perhaps this Canadian does not know about that.

And, yes, we're protesting Hillary Clinton, too. Every stop she makes on her campaign has an equally strong protest rally.

I can understand why a Canadian would not know these things. You are, after all, a Canadian. Likewise, I don't keep up with Canadian politics.

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Anonymous said...

I doubt this is real. Most Canadians know Obama is not a Muslim, and are educated enough to know what dictatorship means.

Anonymous said...

>claim this was written by a canadian and not an american
>three lines in they call obama a muslim

Are you retarded or do you just think that we are?