Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fox News Quickly Losing Ground To CNN In Coveted 25-54 Demographic - I WONDER WHY?

Fox News, after dominating CNN, MSNBC, and other cable media outlets in the ratings for well over a decade, is no longer the unquestioned king of cable news.
The news of Fox News’ demise was captured in a press release from CNN, which claims that it bested the Rupert Murdoch-owned news channel “for the fifth time in the last eight months in M-Su prime time (four of the past eight in M-F prime) among adults 25-54.”
... But many are wondering if the decline in Fox News’ ratings might be attributable to a perceived pro-Donald Trump bias in its reporting. Examples abound.
Today, Trump surrogate Allen West complained to Neil Cavuto that it’s “deceitful” to say that Donald Trump does not have the support of the majority of Republicans. To which Cavuto replied, “You’re absolutely right. You’re absolutely right.”
But according to Real Clear Politics, while Trump leads the other GOP candidates, more than half of the voters have selected other candidates.
On March 4, Eric Bolling of The Five referred to Trump’s flip-flopping on torturing terrorists as “refreshing.”
On the April 20 edition of Fox News’ Hannity, Sean Hannity re-broadcast a portion of his radio show which featured a heated exchange with Texas senator Ted Cruz. Hannity asked Cruz about about his going to the Georgia state Republican convention, and talking delegates into supporting him in the second round of balloting. Cruz began to respond, “The only people asking me this question are the hard-core Donald Trump supporters.”
Hannity then angrily cut Cruz off, yelling, “Why do you do this? Every single time I have you on the air, you throw this in my face. I’m getting sick of it!”
But later on in the Hannity episode, Hannity bizarrely stated that he had no problem with candidates “courting” delegates — which is why he was purportedly angry with Cruz. ...
There's Lots more. Read the full story HERE and follow a link to a WSJ related story below:

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cimbri said...

Fox lost a lot of viewers because most of their commentators are anti-Trump, including their #1 personality, Megyn Kelly, who did all she could to derail Trump. Now they have enough problem. Truecons, angry that Fox did not carry their water more effectively and get Cruz across the finish line, might also be defecting to some extent.