Wednesday, May 11, 2016

EMAILGATE: Now A Key Witness’ Emails Have Mysteriously Vanished

Hillary Clinton’s email troubles just keep getting weirder and weirder — and harder for anyone but the most die-hard Clinton fans to ignore.
The latest twist is news that four years’ worth of State Department emails from Clinton’s top IT staffer, Bryan Pagliano, can’t be found.
“The Department has searched for Mr. Pagliano’s email pst file and has not located one that covers the time period of Secretary Clinton’s tenure,” said State’s Elizabeth Trudeau.
State was, however, able to find Pagliano emails for his “recent work at the Department as a contractor, but the files are from after Secretary Clinton left the Department.”
In other words, only those emails he sent after Clinton left State can be found. How convenient.
Pagliano, for those following the story, has been granted immunity for his testimony about how he set up Clinton’s private email server in her home, which she used exclusively to conduct State Department business. He is, in other words, a key witness in what could end up being a criminal case.
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