Sunday, May 15, 2016

Donald Trump Is Selling Out and the TRUMPtards Could Care Less

Donald Trump, as predicted, has begun to distance himself from some of the positions and postures that catapulted him to the Republican presidential nomination. This is always to be expected of general election candidates once they’ve clinched the nomination, but Trump’s shifts are special because the original stances were so far outside the norm of politics as usual—often for ill.
Despite issuing a tax plan that’s largely a giveaway to the rich, Trump had at least once or twice entertained the idea of closing a tax loophole or two that certain wealthy people exploit. He has now brought on two supply-side celebrities, Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore, to scrub the plan of anything not ludicrously beneficial to the wealthiest people on Earth. To preserve all of those preferential tax treatments, alas, it looks like Social Security and Medicare will have to get all chopped up after all. That Muslim ban that roughly 7 in 10 Republican primary voters loved? Eh, just a “suggestion.” He’s having Rudy Giuliani take a look at it along with his border security plan.
Then there’s the meta-issue that undergirded his ability to take all of those unorthodox positions in the first place: the self-funding—well, self-loaning—of his candidacy, which will now cease because of the demands of funding a general election campaign.
What we are seeing in Trump’s new solicitation of big bucks—and his new positioning—is a validation of what he was saying about how politicians are bought and paid for by wealthy interests. In the primary, Trump was able to entertain both the light side of populism (preserving large social insurance programs, raising a tax or two on the wealthy) and the dark side (nativism) because he did not rely on contributions from elite Republican donors. Those heresies will have to be reined in now that he needs some scratch. “By self-funding my campaign,” Trump said in a typical line last September, “I am not controlled by my donors, special interests or lobbyists. I am only working for the people of the U.S.!” That Donald Trump would look at nominee Donald Trump as a proto–Jeb Bush. His own transition is testament to the truth of his original message.
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Anonymous said...

You have the nerve to make fun of Trump supporters yet you fail to realize that Trump IS going to be the republican candidate. So what are you going to do? Not vote for him because you are not sure exactly where he stands? If you choose to do that then you are an even bigger idiot then the liberals because yes, we may not know what will happen if Trump becomes president, but we know damn sure what will happen if Bernie or Clinton gets in. I like a lot of the things Trump is saying. Is he my ideal candidate? No. I would have liked to seen Cruz or Carson go for the Republicans. I would have loved to have seen Col. West run and become president. They didn't make it though, Trump did. I say give him a chance because he is definitely a better choice than the other 2 and if he is a mistake, impeach him.

BOSMAN said...

Listen TRUMPtard:

If Someone is going to cause further destruction to this nation as BOTH TRUMP and Hillary surely will, I'D RATHER IT BE AT THE HANDS OF A DEMOCRAT and not a PHONY Republican liberal.

I won't vote for Trump and will WRITE-IN TED CRUZ's NAME. If Trump wins, so be it. IF HE LOSES, I hope it's by the number of TRUE CONSERVATIVES, that DID WHAT I DID!

And speaking of IDIOTS, you said, "So what are you going to do? Not vote for him because you are not sure exactly where he stands?" ... You say that as if there is something WRONG WITH ... not voting for someone because you DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY STAND. If I DID'NT DO THAT, I WOULD BE either an IDIOT or a TRUMPtard.

cimbri said...

Sadly, Bosman has been drinking deeply of conservatard koolaid way too long. Hs avatar is more appropriate than he realizes.

SABO said...


cimbri said...

Just for the record, this is a Slate article. We can't really rely on left wing rags for any guidance.

Kudrow, mentioned in the article, is an old Reagan guy with a show on CNBC. He liked Trump's tax plan. You guys are definitely seeing the glass half empty.

Alisa WHITING said...

If you don't say no to tRump, you'll never say no to anyone. Do you have any standards for your President? If you "go along, to get along" don't criticize your representatives for doing the same. It's really no wonder our party and our representatives don't listen to the citizenry when the citizenry can always be relied upon to tow the party line. I don't fall in line for a bully whether it's the party, my representatives or a candidate. I stand against a bully. Your vote is your voice. Cast it wisely.

cimbri said...

Alisa, when Hillary's ATF is kicking in doors and taking guns, there won't be any sympathy from me. I'm giving out my warnings now. People can take it or leave it.