Thursday, May 5, 2016

Defining Choices Loom: Trump’s presumptive nomination creates a Gut-Check Moment for GOP

Ted Cruz pulled out all the stops in his bid to win the Republican primary in Indiana: naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate, joining forces with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, securing an endorsement from Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and, on Tuesday, denouncing rival Donald Trump as “utterly amoral.”
But Trump’s sweeping victory left the Texan’s last stand in the Hoosier State looking like Custer’s at Little Bighorn. With the win and Cruz’s decision to suspend his campaign, Trump becomes the presumptive Republican presidential nominee — and leaves members of his party with a gut-check moment.
Normally, a party that controls both chambers of Congress, 34 governorships and 31 state legislatures would not be teetering on a precipice. Thanks to Trump, that is precisely where the GOP finds itself.
To say Trump is bad for the Republican Party is like saying a flood is bad for your basement. He stokes white resentment at a time when the party needs to attract minority voters. He demeans women when they, too, are vital to the party’s future. His intolerance turns off Millennials. And he labors under the opinion that his deep infatuation with himself is shared by a majority of voters. His unfavorable rating stands at 65%.
The question now is what Republicans should do.
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

I'm glad the USA Today, a liberal publication, is so worried about the state of the Republican Party.

Americans have a long history of ticket splitting. Back in the day, the citizens might vote local Democrat, and perhaps Republican, like Nixon, for president. If any GOP politicians in local elections, feel like they would be better off in urging their constituents to vote for Hillary, then that is their call. I doubt if it's going to happen much, but they should be free to do that. It's too early to tell, what the state of the race will be many months from now. Many local politicians are still working on their own nominations.

We would be a lot better off with Trump as president, and a Democrat Congress, than Hillary with a Republican Congress. The current Congress is close to being useless. Even our supposedly most conservative politicians, like Cruz fail us. Remember he signed off on that Corker deal which gave cover for the Obama Iran deal? I don't want to pick on Cruz, but hoping self proclaimed conservatives in Congress will save our bacon, has been shown to be false.