Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cruz Supporters Dominate Delegates at Washington GOP Convention: Winning 40 out of the 41 individual national delegate spots

Texas Senator Ted Cruz may no longer be in the presidential race, but his supporters cleaned up at the Washington State Convention in Pasco Saturday.
Cruz’s State Chair, Saul Gamoran, tells KING 5 Cruz supporters won 40 out of the 41 individual national delegate spots. Three state party leaders will also attend the Republican National Convention, for a total of 44 delegates headed to Cleveland in July.
Washington’s delegates will be bound by the results of Tuesday's presidential primary. But they would have been free to vote for the candidate of their choice upon a second ballot during a contested convention.
As a result, Cruz supporters launched an intensive behind the scenes delegate battle across the state to select as many pro-Cruz delegates as possible at county and legislative district conventions.
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cimbri said...

Next go around, hopefully the delegates will reflect America a little better. Right now they're too starchy and too evangelical.

RomneyMan said...