Friday, May 6, 2016

Are Trump’s Press Clips Better Than Clinton’s?

Politico Magazine published its third annual “Media Issue,” complete with polls of reporters who are perhaps the most resistant to being polled, fearing how they might reveal which viewpoint is ideologically dominant in the press.
So, who will these reporters vote for in November? Reporters surveyed were very, very coy. Politico surveyed 82 members of the campaign press corps, and only 12 of them (less than 15%) admitted they would vote for Hillary Clinton. Sanders, Trump, Cruz and Kasich drew one reporter apiece. Most of them (48) checked the boxes “don’t plan to vote” or “don’t know.” Color us skeptical. When asked if they were registered with a political party, 21% of the campaign reporters said Democrat, 22% said independent, 8% said Republican, and 49% said they are not registered.
We should note this sample was not entirely composed of objective outlets, but included some conservative media (the National Review, the Daily Caller and the Washington Examiner) and some tilted hard to the left (the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera).
A separate Politico survey of 72 members of the White House press corps gave the same results: Only 12 said they were voting for Clinton, three for Sanders, two for Cruz and one for Trump. Most (41) gave the chicken-out answers. When asked if they registered with a party, 27% answered Democrat, 13% independent and zero Republican … zero. Sixty percent claimed “not registered.”
But the media’s true tilt might be implied from the question, “Knowing what you know now, who do think will be the next president?” It wasn’t close. Among campaign reporters, 86% said Clinton, and 10% said Trump. Among the White House reporters, 88% picked Clinton, and 11% picked Trump.
Read the rest of Brent Bozrll's op-ed HERE.

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