Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Why Won’t My Car Shut Up And Drive?

The love affair with your car is being sorely tested by technology overload.
Call me crazy, but we just bought a new car, and really, the only thing I want to do in it is drive. As in travel from Point A to Point B.
But apparently before I get started with old-fashioned matters like basic transportation, I have to study a 716-page owner’s manual (its actual length), and watch tutorials on complicated matters like turning on the radio and opening the rear hatch, and download an app rumored to contain information that couldn’t fit in the manual or the tutorials.
I feel cranky for saying this, but I don’t want to make a dinner reservation from my dashboard. I don’t want to become a person who considers it normal to bark out orders to a voice-recognition system as I’m driving 65 miles an hour — “Call Area Four pizza!” — and then becomes impatient when I’m misunderstood. “I said, CALL AREA FOUR PIZZA YOU IDIOT.’”
But who’s the idiot? At the rate technology is moving, how long until my smart car starts gossiping with my smart scale and smart refrigerator?
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