Monday, March 14, 2016

Who Is More Hardline On Immigration: Ted Cruz Or Donald Trump?

As Donald Trump is presenting himself as the presumptive Republican nominee for president, he has described his position on immigration as “flexible.” This now has Ted Cruz positioned as the Republican candidate with the most hardline position on immigration.
NumbersUSA, a prominent immigration restriction group, keeps an ongoing scorecard on 2016 presidential candidates and since updated on March 4, Ted Cruz has an “A” and Trump a “B+”.
Roy Beck, founder and executive director of NumbersUSA, spoke to The Daily Caller Tuesday about the differences between the two candidates and how he feels both will return America to policies that benefit the citizen worker.
“The biggest [difference] is the question of amnesty,” said Beck. The group rates candidates on this issue on the basis of whether they support giving work permits to illegal immigrants.
“Cruz specifically says he’s not going to give work permits to the illegal aliens.” He added, “Whereas Trump says ‘I’m going to deport them all, and I’m going to let all kinds of the good ones back in to have.'”
It was not until a July interview with CNN that Trump embraced deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants.
The New York real estate developer first expressed his support for removing the “bad dudes.” Regarding the other illegal immigrants, Trump embraced effectively a effectively a “touch back” plan, in which they would be deported and then there would be an expedited process for them to come back into the United States.
Trump’s immigration plan on his website only mentions deportation of “criminal aliens.” There is no mention of removal of other illegal immigrants.
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