Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We’re calling foul on The Donald

Make America Awesome is simply playing to win.
One person, and one person alone, bears responsibility for the poor “tone” of the 2016 presidential campaign: Donald Trump.
Early in this race, Trump made an issue of a GQ photo spread of Megyn Kelly, a widely respected, tough female journalist he happened not to like and criticized by suggesting she had “blood coming out of her wherever.”
Trump attacked fellow candidate Jeb Bush’s wife early in this race as well. Political writers have reported that his campaign was shopping bogus, negative information about Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, in advance of our even contemplating the ad we ran.
The fact is, Trump’s wife is hardly an uninvolved bystander in his campaign.
Nor was she inactive in furthering his political career when the spread featuring the image we used originally ran. Melania Trump appeared in the specific image we used in our ad as part of a magazine profile apparently aimed at boosting Trump’s presidential fortunes. Yes, really. Google it.
Read the rest of Liz Mair's op-ed HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not saying Trump is innocent, but I have seen legitimate proof the Heidi Cruz fiasco was from Rubios people. I have also seen one of the women Cruz had an affair with come forward and admit to it. It sure would have been more difficult to attack Cruz with his closeted skeletons if there weren't skeletons to be found.( pretty damning evidence including one of Rubios people admitting they contacted reporters to make Trump look bad and admits it backfired badly. The tweets screenshot from Amanda Carpenter's Twitter acct, and the mistresses admission all on Twitter for those who really want the truth.)

I follow and agree with the majority of your articles, but from what I have personally seen of 2 of the women, Cruz is not an innocent party.From the two previous divorce filings by Mrs Cruz, I think she's known he's not been Mr perfect in the past with her either.(public record online)