Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Iran Appeasement Model For North Korea

Nuclear Threat: President Obama told North Korea he would talk about formally ending the Korean War, thinking nuclear disarmament would result. Their response was another nuclear detonation.
The president of change seems to have believed he had an all-purpose method of transforming America’s enemies. The negotiations with Tehran were originally touted as a means of getting the world’s foremost terrorist state to end its ability to build nuclear weapons; instead, it let them keep it permanently, a year away from constructing a warhead once they choose to do so, and with increasingly longer-range missiles.
Cuba was ripe for the picking too. In opening U.S. relations with Castro for the first time ever, Obama now sends out the thinly-disguised message that the 10 previous presidents were too dumb to realize that our relations with Cuba were defective. In fact, the Communist island nation that once let the Soviet Union deploy nuclear missiles within sight of the Florida shore was in a de-facto state of war with America for six decades; thanks to Obama, Castro in the end has won.
The president tells the nation talk worked in both cases; but these two regimes with a history of sponsoring anti-U.S. terrorism will undoubtedly both have some surprises for him in the years ahead. It was revealed over the weekend that Obama covertly tried the same approach on North Korea’s fanatical, youthful tyrant Kim Jong-un as “one of several unsuccessful attempts that American officials say they made to discuss denuclearization with North Korea during President Barack Obama’s second term while also negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program.”
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