Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ted Cruz: It's Time for Republicans to Unite (Full interview on CNN 03-16-16)

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cimbri said...

Open Letter to Senator Cruz,
Dear Sir,
You have had a few highlights in this endeavor, but it is time to face reality. You have been completely swept in the South, which is crucial for any Republican winning the White House. This leads to an analysis that you will drop some of the Southern states in the general election. You got wiped out in Florida and Virginia, 2 Southern swing states. You're getting beaten in the Northeast and high density Midwestern states. You are doing okay in some of the prairies states.

Based on the current situation, you have no path to the nomination. Quite frankly, Kasich is more viable since he represents the establishment wing, and your wing, ie the base, has been seized by Trump. That leaves you with no where to go. You're basically a Santorum candidate, and obviously, that's not going to get the job done.

All intelligent Americans ask that you drop out of the race and get behind Trump, with no requests for a quid pro quo. At this point, you're hurting America, and endangering our survival. Please do the right thing. - Cimbri