Sunday, March 27, 2016

Oreo Closure Proof of Losing Trump Trade Policy

Trump's 'fair trade' would deliver more 'winners' like sugar industry while American workers suffer.
Presidential front-runner Donald Trump vows that he will "never eat another Oreo again" to protest the transfer of 600 cookie-making jobs from Chicago to Mexico. And Trump is 100% correct when he condemns the factory’s exodus: "It’s unfair to us."
But the villains who have destroyed the jobs of American workers are Congress and the Department of Agriculture, not Nabisco and free trade. It is the very protectionist policies The Donald advocates to help American industry "win" again that caused the Oreo job losses he decries. Federal policy has long kept the U.S. price of sugar at double or triple that found in the world market. Food manufacturers such as Nabisco are hostage to a Byzantine combination of price supports and arbitrary import restrictions that make producing candy and other sweets far more expensive here than in Canada or Mexico.
Federal sugar policy costs consumers $3 billion a year in a failed effort to save the jobs of sugar growers even as the number of such farmers has declined by almost 50% in recent decades.
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1 comment:

cimbri said...

Good points but Trump is not at fault, the sugar price supports are at fault. You have to understand how Trump operates. Trump talks like a regular guy, and it's why he is so effective. He doesn't do the wonky conservative, and getting into the weeds of exact sugar support levels and so on. He shines the spotlight on the problem, and puts the onus on the corporation to lobby Congress and ask for relief from the sugar issue.

That's the genius of Donald Trump, he always uses leverage and directly forces large entities to do the dirty work. Jumping to Foreign Policy, look how he answered the NK question. Everyone else said they would get tougher with NK and of course it never works. Not Trump, he said he would get tougher with China, which controls NK like a puppet. In the last few days, he tightened the screws on them by saying that Japan and SK should get nukes if they want them. That pressure will lead to China forcing NK to give up their nukes. I guarantee, you elect Trump - no more NK nukes.

I'm telling you guys, we have not had a sharp, street smart guy like Trump as president, and that's what we desperately need.