Saturday, March 5, 2016

Op-ed: On Mitt Romney and a Heated Debate

On Mitt Romney and a Heated Debate
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

“Mitt Romney is a stiff...He got killed, he got decimated in the election.”
- Donald Trump on Mitt Romney's pre-debate speech

I will say upfront that I always have liked Mitt Romney. I liked him when he was running for the nomination in 2008 and I liked him as the nominee in much so that I volunteered on his campaign believing then as well as now that he would have made one terrific president. And I was angry when he lost to Obama in 2012 by two to three million votes, but my anger was not at Romney for losing but was at the two to three million Evangelicals who would not vote for him just because he is a Mormon...not their particular brand of Christian tea it seems. And guess what, I am still angry at them for not only their not voting...which is the direct cause of the Obama nightmares we face today...but because they are posed to do it again by supporting of all candidates, Donald Trump, the antithesis of all things they claim they in God, the Bible, family, and country.

And now their voices continue to be some of the loudest against Mitt Romney's words, this time for the speech he gave at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City in the hours before Thursday's presidential debate...a speech which in my opinion rightfully set the tone for said debate. And set the tone Romney did by exposing Donald Trump as the true threat for “a safe and prosperous future for all Americans.” Saying, "Dishonesty is Trump's hallmark," Romney also claimed that Trump is playing the American people for “suckers”...which I too believe Trump is doing with his loud but lacking in substance bloviations that feed into the misdirected anger many Americans are feeling today.

And playing the American people for suckers is just a part of what Romney spoke about as he added the truths about Trump's proposed tariffs touching off a trade war and killing export jobs; about Trump's tax plan ballooning the deficit and national debt; and about Trump's overall plans being very bad for American workers and for American families. And Romney also spoke truths about Trump's recent mocking of a disabled reporter; of his attributing a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle; of his disparaging words about Carly Fiorina's appearance; of his bravado about his many marital affairs; and of Trump's continuing vulgar-laced and bullying public rally speeches.

See Mitt Romney's full speech at the University of Utah here:

Summing it up by saying that Trump's “...domestic policies would lead to recession,” that “His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe.” and that “He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president,” Romney in no uncertain terms nailed it by painting Donald Trump for what he truly is...a Democrat dressed in thousand dollar 'Made in China' suits trying to pass himself off as a Conservative...and the angry are buying into it no matter that their anger is buying into nothing but lies and excuses.

Especially excuses for his lies.

And at Thursday night's debate presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz together hit that point home... catching Donald Trump like one captures a deer in the headlights on not just one front but on many, a few of which I'll focus on here.

And one case in point is that the man who claims that he will bring jobs back to America actually in his own business dealings does anything but. "When you have chances to help the American workers you're making your clothes overseas and you're hiring your workers from overseas,” were Marco Rubio's words when speaking that Trump's clothing line...The Donald J. Trump Signature being made in of all places, China....the very country Trump continuously rails against. And the fact is that Trump does indeed employ Chinese workers to make his clothing line at wages far below what he would have to pay workers here in America...basically bypassing the American worker in favor of making more profit for his Trump empire by his outsourcing jobs overseas.

And Rubio's saying that, “You [Trump] argue that you’re here to fight for the American worker, but when you have a chance to fight for the American worker, you’re hiring workers from overseas and you’re making your clothes overseas,” had Trump retorting with the excuse that countries like China devalue their currencies (a deliberate downward adjustment to the value of a country's currency, relative to another's currency, making imports more expensive while protecting domestic industries who may then become less efficient without the pressure of competition) saying, "I will do that. And, by the way, I have been doing it more and more.”

Adding that, “They devalue their currencies and they make it impossible for clothing makers in this country to do clothing in this country...if you look at what's happened on Seventh Avenue and you look at what's happened in New York with the garment industry, so much of the clothing comes out from Vietnam, China and other places. It's all because of devaluation," words spoken by Trump that did nothing but make excuses for why he did not hire American workers. And Trump hoped that the public did not hear the truth in Rubio words that, "The answer is he is not going to do it...And you know why?...The reason he makes it in China or Mexico is because he can make more money on it," but hopefully many viewers did.

And Trumps response, "This little guy has lied so much about my record. He has lied so much about my record." But I ask what record as Donald Trump has done nothing but pad his own bank account by building luxury condos, hotels, casinos, and golf courses that middle-class Americans...the very ones he is pandering to...could never afford. And Rubio rightfully accused Trump of being incapable of having a substantive policy debate saying, "You see what happens again when you challenge him on a policy issue?...the first thing he does is launch an attack on some little guy thing."

"Don't worry about it, little Marco," was Trump's retort proving Rubio's words true.

And Rubio is right about Trump's favoring Chinese workers over American workers for while it might be somewhat about devaluation of currency, the important thing...even if it means paying American workers higher wages (which Trump can easily afford to do) that the monies paid out would go to American workers...that the jobs created would go to American companies...and that 'trumps' Trump's silent whining and fretting about making a wee bit less profit off of every item sold.

And so Marco Rubio...whose campaign clothing sells on his official website and is 100% 'Made in America'...showed Donald Trump to be first and foremost a teller of tall tales as to the jobs he'll create, and that his bottom line is and will always remain the almighty dollar...the very hallmark of a true politician something Trump still claims he is not. But if truth be told Donald Trump is the most consummate of politicians...and who like King Midas will have his supposed 'golden touch' and his all consuming greed being his downfall in the end.

And that point was also driven home by Ted Cruz who reminded people that Donald Trump gave none other than Hillary Clinton four large checks supporting her 2008 presidential campaign. Saying that Trump supporters desire for a political outsider to lead the country was misplaced...and it surely is...Cruz said that, “For 40 years, Donald has been part of the corruption in Washington that you’re angry about...And you’re not going to stop the corruption in Washington by supporting someone who has supported liberal Democrats for four decades, from Jimmy Carter to John Kerry to Hillary Clinton,” also adding the infamous Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to that list as he asked Donald Trump to explain these contributions after being rudely interrupted time and again by Trump as he tried to speak.

And Trump's excuse...“Actually, it was for business,” adding that he also gave monies to Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush during their time. But the truth is that no true true Republican...would ever give monies to those named, save of course for Reagan and Bush, unless they expected something in in a favor...a political favor now coming due. And for the man who is all about deals, what really is a political favor but an expeditious self-serving political deal.

Trump's rudely interrupting Cruz's air time led Cruz to say “Count to 10, Donald, count to 10,” as Trump was obviously in meltdown mode for how dare the two junior senators tag-team against his royal Trumpness. And when Cruz talked about the qualifications needed for the next Supreme Court justice, Trump looked like he was ready to explode. Saying, “Breathe, breathe, can do it.” Rubio then jumped in to joke that his two rivals were primed for yoga. "When they're done with the yoga, can I answer a question?"

"You cannot. I really hope that we don't see yoga on that stage," Cruz smiled and said with Rubio tag-teaming with this joke about Trump: "Well he's very flexible, so you never know," a jab directed at Trump’s constant flip-flopping on the issues...issues being something Trump refuses to discuss during the debates...or anywhere else for that matter...instead throwing out 'soundbites' for the media to spoon-feed the frenzy of the misinformed masses.

See  'Breathe, Breathe, Breathe' video here:

And together both Rubio and Cruz demanded that Trump release the full transcript of his recent meeting with The New York Times editorial board, after it came out that Trump, in off-the-record remarks, told the board that he was willing to soften his hard-line immigration stance...after immigration and his hard-line stance was what set in motion the Trump push for the presidency. And Trump's excuse for what he said was, I would “never release off-the-record conversations...I’ve given my answer, lying Ted. I’ve given my answer,” completely ignoring the fact that his inflammatory and vile rhetoric spewed out on immigration might very well halt efforts by the Republican party to reach out to Hispanics and other minorities...and I do not mean the muslim minority for on that I happen to agree with Trump simply because of the art of taqiyya.

Also, Trump's words...his lies...said to both Marco Rubio ("little Marco") and to Ted Cruz ("lying Ted")...comprise the entirety of the Trump campaign...a campaign based upon name calling, mockery, and issues dodging...a campaign headed by the man who actually had the gall to say on camera about our military that, “If I say do it they'll do it” (in reference to killing innocent members of terrorist families)...still doesn't get that America is not a dictatorship nor will it ever be...period.

And so we come full circle back to Mitt Romney's remarks said earlier on debate day, words that sum up Donald Trump best, “Here's what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud. His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He's playing members of the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat."

And to that I'll add that it's a lousy hat that says our beloved America is no longer great...but what's no longer great...what never was Donald J. Trump and his Presidential Reality Show. And by the way, the Donald Trump Presidential Reality Show will not be attending CPAC...making being scared of a little girl now paling in comparison...just saying. 

Today, March 5th from 11am to 1pm EST, Right Side Patriots Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss Mitt Romney's recent remarks about Donald Trump, Trump's blind following 'Trumpers,' and Thursday's debate circus.

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cimbri said...

Romney ran twice and I supported him both times, although I was well aware of his woeful ability to connect with average people. His speech against Trump did not work for a few reasons. First, people don't vote against candidates, they vote for 1 candidate, so telling people to not vote for Trump, means you are telling them to vote for candidate X. That doesn't work, because I'm going to compare Cruz and Rubio to Trump. Cruz triangulated to every Trump position and Rubio is too much of a neocon.

Trump has started a critical conversation about protecting American workers, which remains the huge problem for conservatives who are stuck on orthodoxy and plainly have placed profits before Americans' standard of living (see Cruz's defense of Obamatrade and his co-written article with Ryan). Indeed, the American Dream itself has been jettisoned by conservatives and liberals while bowing to their free trade God. Trade deficits continue to climb and 5 million manufacturing jobs lost since 2000. Inflation is so low, the US should force jobs to come back to the US through domestic content or other laws. You sell here, then you have to make some number or part of your product here. Sure it's inconvenient but other nations do it. China won't buy our jets unless we make some of them there. A lot of nations do it. We need to wake up and start defending our economy. It's a national security issue if nothing else. I support Trump for these and many other reasons.

I don't like the crass parts in the campaign either, but note that Rubio and the media started the latest round of vulgar nonsense.

Anonymous said...

First of all, Trump is the crass part of the campaign.

Everyone knows Trump began campaigning in full-framed con man mode by attacking the military record of McCain, etc. Everyone from this website knows Cimbri is not genuine or sincere to suggest anybody other than Trump started this race of rancor and filth. Nobody needs to prove it, since Trump proves his vulgarity himself every day. [Hint: do not take children to Trump rallies.]

Trump himself promptly proved Romney's remarks are precisely accurate. Donald Trump responding to Romney's speech: 'I could have told Mitt Romney to drop to his knees, and he would have."

Sori’s article should be the focus of comments attached. Nothing said by Cimbri challenged the excellent article by Diane Sori. Nothing said by Cimbri suggests that Trump is anything but what Mitt Romney said: a disgusting fraud.

Cimbri remarks ignored Trump's grotesque crimes, lies, phony candidacy, lack of judgement, failed business record, ignorance in foreign policy, and the atrocious deception, in which, Trump is mocking America with a fictional persona of him as a "Republican."

And Cimbri's remarks manifested no concern for the central and most vital issue of United States national security, where Trump is only PRETENDING to pursue secure borders, citizenship governed by due process, and honor for United States Law.
Trump's record shows he doesn't care about our security (called Hillary an excellent Secretary of State), our borders (attacked Mitt for losing in 2012 because Mitt was mean by firmly taking a stand for secure U.S. borders), to honor U.S. Law (convicted for crimes, fined millions, abused eminent domain for personal projects not public use, & produced a historical record of other numerous instances of elitist folderol and dissolution).

Trump is disgusting and running a fraudulent campaign, this is a fact. Cimbri told us all that he doesn't like the crass part, but Trump is the crass part.

So why do Cimbri’s comments continue on and on fighting for a disgusting con man? The fact of the matter is that it is easy for Cimbri to support Trump because he is both a bigot and misogynist himself. Cimbri’s a cybercaliphate shill.

He pursues the destruction of the United States, and the fall of all non-islamic-sharia nations. He trolls subjects, everything from our national debt slavery to the disgusting fraudulent candidacy of Donald Trump.

On this website Cimbri expressed his arrogant disdain for the Bible, and exhibited radical misogyny. Once Cimbri's twisted support of Trump led to him to make this attack on a FOX moderator after the first 2016 GOP Debate: "Megyn Kelley wears hair extensions."

There is no secret about Romney’s guidance to Republicans. He explained the political weapons Americans have to block Trump Fraud from ruining the nation, and to block the deplorable purpose of Trump’s schemes to fuel conflict, instead of solving problems. Listen to Governor Romney again and learn.

There is no secret about why Romney spoke to us: Trump actually won Republican delegates. Trump wins open primaries. Party faithful want and deserve Mitt Romney’s guidance.

Do not listen if you don’t want to, but stop acting like your tantrums reflect the overwhelming Republican sentiment. It does NOT. Like Cimbri’s insincere bunk, when you mock Romney you fail to rescue our nation from taking a bath in Trump’s scum. I am grateful for Mitt Romney’s speech, guidance, and his desire to right the ship of State. We are in this together.

Cimbri doesn’t care about “the crass” part of the Race, due to the fact he wants Trump’s destructives forces and schemes unleashed upon every one of us. Cimbri believes all of America is crass. Trump’s crassness is the face Cimbri hopes to insidiously force all Americans to wear.

Anonymous said...

Cimbri the slave bowing to his God.