Friday, March 18, 2016

One-on-One Fight With Trump Eludes Cruz

Texas senator solidifies position, but Kasich win in Ohio deprives him of one-on-one contest
Tuesday’s presidential primaries solidified Ted Cruz’s position as the most formidable competitor to front-runner Donald Trump. But the results kept the Texas senator from his goal of winnowing the field to a two-man race between himself and the New York businessman.
Kasich is a legend in his own mind
With Ohio Gov. John Kasich winning the primary in his home state, he is sure to remain in the race for the foreseeable future. That deprives Mr. Cruz of the one-on-one contest with Mr. Trump that he believes would allow him to rally the anti-Trump vote that has been split in a multicandidate field.
Still, with Sen. Marco Rubio vanquished in his home state of Florida and driven from the race, Mr. Cruz is strengthened and will emerge from the day’s voting with more delegates than anyone but Mr. Trump. But his hopes increasingly will have to rest on blocking Mr. Trump from clinching the nomination, rather than on clinching it himself, and then battling at a contested party convention. Even as he steadily accumulates delegates, Mr. Cruz faces a rapidly narrowing path to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to win.
“It will be mathematically possible, but, to me, it would be highly improbable,” said Steve Munisteri, the former GOP chairman in Texas and former adviser to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential campaign. Mr. Munisteri estimated that, even with a good night on Tuesday, Mr. Cruz would have to win some 8 out of 10 delegates up for grabs in the remaining contests.
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He's stood next to the Trump a dozen times, hours at a time. Hasn't he said everything he needs to say, by now?