Wednesday, March 2, 2016

OBAMAnomics Meets OBAMAcare: $2 Billion In ObamaCare Subsidies Might Have Been In Error

A stinging audit of ObamaCare released on Wednesday finds that the agency in charge of the health care program could have paid out more than $2 billion in subsidies in 2014 that it shouldn’t have.
The Government Accountability Office report found that hundreds of thousands of applications contained unresolved “inconsistencies” — meaning the information provided by applicants about their income, Social Security numbers, citizenship status, or whether they were in jail or not, didn’t match existing government records.
There goes your Tax Dollars
As a result, the GAO warned, the government is “at risk of granting eligibility to, and making subsidy payments on behalf of, individuals who are ineligible to enroll in qualified health plans.”
In addition, the audit found that the “data hub” created by ObamaCare to instantly verify eligibility and subsidy amounts has not worked nearly as well as advertised.
In the run-up to the launch of ObamaCare, the administration created a “data hub” that was supposed to connect the ObamaCare exchanges to Social Security, IRS and Homeland Security and other government databases.
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