Friday, March 4, 2016

Last Batch Of Clinton Emails Released — So What About 30,000 She Deleted?

Corruption: The last batch of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails was delivered Monday following 1,500 pages of emails that were dumped on the public Friday. What voters really need to see, though, are the 30,000 she deleted.
The 55,000 pages of emails that have been dredged out of the shadows should have been enough to earn the former secretary of state an indictment. At least 1,818 of Clinton’s personal emails held classified information and 22 were top secret. Yet she remains free to roam the campaign trails as the favorite to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. More than a few say she should be in prison instead, which is where CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling is residing for leaking classified information to the media.
If the final batch of emails is consistent with the rest, Clinton will claim exoneration, despite the fact that nearly 2,000 emails in her personal account held classified information and were on a non-secure, private server. Nothing to see there, she’ll say. But there’s plenty more to see, sometimes we worry that we’ll never see it.
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