Sunday, March 13, 2016

Key Cruz Backer Poised to Open Money Spigot

Cautious spending so far by super PACs leaves Texas senator in strong position
Houston investor Toby Neugebauer gave $10 million to a super PAC backing Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz last April. Eleven months later, that group still has $9 million sitting in the bank.
Mr. Neugebauer said he wanted to wait to spend his money when it would count, and that moment is now arriving. “You knew for Ted to win this was not going to be a coronation,” he said in an interview. “There has never been a reason to think this was going to be quick and easy.”
Thanks to cautious spending by his allied super PACs, Mr. Cruz, the Texas senator, now stands in the strongest position among his rivals, both financially and in his delegate count, to become the party’s chief rival to front-runner Donald Trump, who is mostly self-financing his primary bid.
But Mr. Neugebauer’s tight grip on his cash has also been a source of frustration to the rest of the pro-Cruz funding network, which last week hired a fundraiser to bolster its coffers.
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cimbri said...

Another bought and paid for pol in the White House. What a dreary prospect.