Monday, March 21, 2016

Hugh Hewitt predicts Ted Cruz will be the GOP Nominee (Full interview on CNN 03-17-16)

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RomneyMan said...

lol, he comments on 'Watch Scott Walker' and then speel about he will be the golden hand in endorsements to come.

Is this the same Walker who was essentially the first to DROP OUT due to having so little support??

My oh my

cimbri said...

I think Walker wasn't good at raising money. You have to let them put hands on you, and so on. Walker was maybe too standoffish.

Robert Williams said...
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Robert Williams said...

I am sure Donald Trump lost Hewitt's respect when he couldn't answer a simple question about which of America's nuclear triad he was most concerned about.

Not only was Trump woefully ignorant on a subject that ALL candidates should have been conversant on, he also tried to b.s his way through it.

I hope Hewitt is right about Ted Cruz winning the nomination. It has been FAR too long since we've had adults in charge of this country.

Anonymous said...